4 techniques to increase your productivity.

Being busy and being productive are two different things! Many times we are busy. However, we don’t accomplish all our tasks! It seems all the time was used up but nothing is accomplished.

Productivity is a completely different ball game. Being productive is using your time wisely with enough breaks to keep you motivated. Often people confuse it with completely all tasks. Completing all tasks leads to burn out and we don’t want it.

I started practicing these top four productivity hacks to help me manage my time better while I complete my tasks. And each of these techniques have helped me tremendously. They have helped my prioritize work, save time and resources, plan your work ahead and kept me accountable.

4 Productivity techniques that I follow

  1. Eat the frog:

This is the toughest on my list- ‘Eating the frog’.

Always start your workday by doing the toughest task on your list!
Finish that mind-boggling, tedious task first and you will realize how easy your other tasks are! This technique helps you feel accomplished and lets you focus on others tasks easily.

2. Pomodoro technique:
Another great technique; this one has been used by many. This time-based technique has been around for ages.
Here is a quick breakdown:

A Pomodoro block is set by setting your timer for 25 min.
You can then work on your task for those 25 mins without any interruptions. Once your 25 mins are up, you can take a small break for 5 mins.

In a day you can work on at least 5 such time blocks. Just do it and see how effective this technique is- this one is my favorite.

3. 80/20 rule or the Pareto Principle:
This productivity technique is quite a sensible one. Make a list! And focus on the 20% of tasks on the list that will help you achieve 80% of your goal!
Do tasks that only help you move towards your goal; the rest is not worth your time! You can either remove it from your list or move it down to lower priority.

4. Don’t Break the Chain:
This productivity hack creates a habit. Pick a task that you would like to do daily, for e.g.-write 500 words! Take a calendar and mark an X every time you finish the goal! Do it daily.

The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.

Productivity doesn’t mean you waste time. It means you train your mind to use your time effectively. These techniques lets you do things that you couldn’t have possible done before. Using the right productivity technique lets you plan your priorities and helps you fiercely protect your time.



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