9 hacks to get the most out of your to-do lists.

Did you know 41% of to­-do tasks are never completed? More often than not, to-do lists become long lists of work that is overdue and it only makes us feel guilty.

I love to-do lists- it gives me a sense of what is important, and what I must prioritize. Less important things don’t even make it to my list. A to-do list helps me stay on track and helps me conquer them one by one without much trouble. But I know it’s not easy for all of us to create that perfect list.

Don’t worry! Here 9 hacks that I follow to make effective to-do lists that have tripled my productivity.

✔ Choose the right medium that works for you.

Write it all down or note it down in digital apps- choose what you like. Personally, I love writing it down in my diary! The sense of pen on paper is quite satisfying and keeps me pumped when I strike it out once I complete the task.

✔ Make more than one lists

Putting down all your tasks in one list can make it extremely long and boring.
Categorize your tasks and put them down in different lists like work, household etc. This will help you plan your tasks better.

✔ Prioritize your tasks

Prioritizing your tasks will prevent you from wasting time on unimportant things and allow you to focus on the most essential things first. Pick the most important list and start working on it.

✔ Be as specific as you can

Vague tasks can end up wasting more time of yours than you realize. So, break down vague complex tasks and start working on it. Specifics matter.

✔ Assign due dates

Assigning due dates to the tasks helps you prioritize them. Due dates add more stakes. Without a date written down, it will remain in your list indefinitely.

✔ Don’t make an extremely long list

Limit yourself to 5–6 tasks per day. Keep the list short but detailed. Keep revising your to-do list. Our attention span is small- no use creating a long list cause you will not complete it and you will feel guilty.

✔ Do not put goals on your to-do list

Put down the steps that are going to help you achieve those goals. Simply stating that you want to reduce 5 kilos will not help. Working out everyday for 15 minutes will help you reach the goal quickly.

✔ Make your list easily readable

Use techniques like color-coding your tasks or using icons etc. to make your list more readable. This is fun and makes the to-do list more enjoyable.

✔ Make a “done” list

We often put so much pressure on ourselves for completing the tasks that we don’t give ourselves credit for the tasks that we have already completed.
Make a done list and celebrate those small wins!

Making an effective to-do list is not easy but it can make your life systematic and easy. It is all about trial and error and finding what works for you. So, go ahead! Get started with your to-do lists!



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