My 100-Follower Story On Medium

On a late November afternoon last year, I was looking at water drops dripping down my window sill. It was cold and frigid, just like my mood! I was aimlessly browsing on the Internet when I read about the medium partner program!

I got very excited! It was a great option to earn a passive income and so I signed up on Medium. And started writing my first post. The next day I signed in to see my read count- it was 0.

Nobody read what I had written. This happened for the next few weeks.

I didn’t give up and wrote so much on Medium- almost 11 articles in November. I was obsessed with Medium and kept churning out posts after post but everyday the count was 0. I was not disheartened.

Then I came across the 100 follower posts! They simply offered to follow you if you followed them. And it seemed like an easy move to get the 100 follower to enter the program.

I thought about writing one myself but the idea didn’t sit right with me. I was thinking about it for a week! I commented on a few of those posts too and a bunch of people followed me. I followed them back but that’s it!

And then came the shock- India was not a part of the Partner program!

Sucks, isn’t it?

But by then, I was so fascinated with Medium, I kept writing; writing about content that will help people like me. I wrote personal stories, productivity tips and tools, presentation tips, tricks to create the perfect infographics, startup funding.

And finally my medium became my portfolio that I share with my client when they want to see my writing skills.

After 5 months, without writing any #100follower post, I reached my 100 followers. Now, people read my content. They comment and ask if my tips and tricks worked for me. A few of them save my posts! And deep down, I’m content that people like me and what I write.

In 5 months, from 0 to 100 might be a small feat for many but for me it is huge!

I have been able to get projects based on my medium portfolio. So, if you are some one like me, I have these 2 actionable tips for you.

  1. START! You might have 0 followers, 0 read count but to reach 100 you need to start! Just write and slowly you will get better.
  2. Be consistent! Remember- Consistency beats Talent any day!

Don’t forget- Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally; it comes from what you do daily! So, practice, learn, upskill yourself and keep writing. Medium program might not favor us but there are people who are waiting to read what you write. So, get started!



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