Top 4 reasons why your storytelling falls flat in your presentation.

I love stories. Right from my childhood, stories captivate my interest and keep me hooked till the very end of the story. Sometimes a really good story piques my interest and I wish it never ends.

Just imagine the same situation when you give a business presentation? Your audience are hooked to every work that you speak. Your presentation slides ooze the charisma of a good story and the audience do not want it to end!

Sounds like a dream isn’t it? Well, it doesn't have to be!

A good story keeps the audience engaged and leaves a long-lasting impact. That’s the power of a good story. Nobody wants to know what you did or how you did it- the audience wants to know how it impacts them and what better way than to showcase it with the help of a story.

Sadly, not all narrative driven presentations are successful! Do you know why? Storytelling alone in presentations are not enough! While it may sound like a sure shot way to success; often such presentations fall flat because of these 4 mistakes.

Top 4 mistakes that everyone does while incorporating a story in your business presentations.

💭 The story isn’t relatable to the audience
The audience is more likely to be touched by a relatable story! When a story isn’t relatable, the audience is left questioning why it was told in the first place.

💭 The Story Isn’t Relevant
An irrelevant story lacks a point and fails to connect with the audience. It makes you seem less credible.

💭 The Story is Too Long
Your story must be short and concise and still create an impact. Don’t neglect the important parts of your narrative. Just narrate it with no fluff. Nobody has time for bullshit- so please cut it out.

💭 There is no emotion in the story.
Storytelling in presentations is so successful because it appeals to emotions. But if you tell a story in a way that undercuts those emotions, you’ll be undermining the one thing that makes stories so powerful — emotional engagement.

Lean into emotions to keep the audience engaged.

People hear data but they feel stories! Presentations are no longer visual aids; they are your business stories. And when presented well; is the most powerful way to grow your business.

“To involve people at their deepest level; tell stories with your data



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